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When I started trying to put together a successful company, I knew I needed to have a website that would catch people’s eyes without being kitschy. I wanted simple yet elegant. I wanted something that worked functionally, in an easy-to-grasp manner as well, for my potential clients were to include those who are less computer-knowledgable.

I thought I would try to get this wonder site on the cheap. I hired the wrong people, more than once. I wasted six months of my time and money. Then I did what I should have done in the first place. I contacted Cloe, the Wonder Woman of the Working Web! Within a week, I had a site that looked great and worked so well.

Hire Cloe. You will be happy you did.

Blake Butterfield, Social Media Directors > view project

F*ing RADDDDDDD!!! Thanks Cloe…we love these [shirt designs]. FYI, We sold two girl shirt designs at our Groezrock show… one design sold 22 girl shirts…your Phoenix sold 98!

Luke Pabich, Good Riddance > view project

Cloe provides an artwork and design service that far exceeds any of my expectations. During the last few tours we found that our biggest seller was the shirts that Cloe had designed for us.

The absolute best part about Cloe/Artopolis (besides her being extremely quick) is her attitude. Working with her makes it easy for any artist, business, or individual seeking to ask for her help. She’ll dig into your ideas and will not stop until you are satisfied. She holds a non bias sense of partnership and will always work with anyone who is as driven and as motivated as her. You can always “count on Cloe” to get the job done!

Doc Kohler, Solo Artist/Vocals/Band Leader at “Inside It Failed” > view project

Thank you, Cloe, you are truly a superstar! As always love your work!
Melissa, PRIME
We’ve had Cloe create two websites for us, and both times we’ve been extremely happy with her ideas and professionalism. She has a way of creating exactly what we pictured in our heads.
In 2011 our website feramusic.com was even nominated for website of the year at the BCCMA awards! Her fresh, easy-to-navigate style makes it a breeze for us to keep the sites updated and makes it easy for our clients to browse. We continue to get nothing but compliments on our design and layout!
Courtney & Stephanie, FERA > view project
Cloe is a breath of fresh air. Never too busy and always with a smile you can feel through an email and hear over the phone, just as easily as you can see that smile on her face – if you are lucky enough to meet her in person. She loves her work and it shows!

Blake Butterfield, Social Media Directors > view project

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